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The New Moon is exactly that, it’s well... New! And as such symbolizes re-birth, renewal, and new beginnings.

If we are able to sit in the shadow side of ourselves, typically during the dark moon, resting, contemplating, comfortable to just BE, the magic of the New Moon’s dawning can provide more readily a reset, or realignment, where goals & desires can be renewed, priorities clarified, and New intentions made.

During the new moon phase, the moon, the sun, and the Earth are all on the same longitude line, (this is what makes the moon's orbit invisible from the Earth) and interestingly speaks of the alignment that is on offer energetically at this time.


The S.H.C gifts Sacred Sound Offerings at the New Moon to assist us in our individual & collective alignment with the Wisdom, Healing & Prayers of which the music speaks.


Join Us each New Moon to Re-Align, Re-Affirm & Re-New yourself with the connecting, deepening & elevating messages of Sacred Song, Music & Sound…... Together!


The Sacred Heart Collective began its humble beginnings in early 2017, as the Forest Row Devotional Singing Circle, based on inspirations principally by Somesh De Swardt, of Music as Medicine, Devotional singing & building a community around this magic. Small gatherings grew more numerous with many being hosted in individual homes, with requests to sing together at community members’ birthdays, as well as to honor the passing of loved ones through singing our prayers.

Simultaneously Forest Row Devotional Singing grew into larger events such as Kirtans & Drum Circles joining together with musicians & circles outside of Forest Row. This Included a number of visits by Sivani Mata (natural mystic bhajans, London Stroud, The World ) Elahn & Gisela (Shekinashram, Glastonbury) & Sunny Davidson (Glastonbury).


January 2020 saw the birth of the Sacred Sound Festival, a weekend of Devotional Singing, Kirtan, Sound/Gong Baths & Live Performances to uplift &  elevate. After this, a much larger community vision for the Sacred Heart Collective was born with longer-term plans for an Eco Temple or Song Sanctuary.

Other events were planned & needed, as did many of the time, to go on to online platforms, The Sacred Sound Festival May 2020 was born. An uplifting & elevating success story brought to you by the Sacred Heart Collective & guest musicians based on several continents.

Next Up? Well ideas are blossoming for Music & community benefit…...Watch this Space!

Sacred Sound Festival is a Gathering of the Heart, that Celebrates Community, Pacha Mama, Health & Healing, Our Connection to Spirit and the Wonder of Being Alive...



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