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Sacred Sound Festival 2020

We are in the process of collating a Limited Edition SSF 2020 Album
by our Artists. This will be offered for sale and sent to anyone who Donates £20 and above

Dear Community,

Thank You So Much, to all those that could donate to the musicians during and after the Sacred Sound Festival 23rd and 24th May. We appreciate your support!

If at any stage you where touched, moved or inspired by this weekend's epic channeling of Joy, Love, and Light Filled Vibrations, and would like to support these amazing musicians and the production team who worked their socks off...

We appreciate that it's a tough time for many, however we feel that this is very important, to continue to uplift the energies on the planet, to support these musicians to carry on this very important work.

Your generosity would be greatly appreciated to help us raise another £3000, meaning we can give each musician at least £100 or more.

Gratitude for supporting independent music. It's only through your contributions that we can continue to bring these projects to you. Thank you soo much for the love you share through your contributions.

// Everyone who donates above £20 // will receive a SSF 2020 Commemorative Album of songs from our wonderful Artists. The album will be available by 26th June 2020.

// Everyone who donates £5 // and above will be entered in the Gratitude Giveaway

In Love & Light

Sacred Heart Collective 


Artists Offerings for the Gratitude Giveaway &

Sacred Song Hamper 

Prizes will be drawn after the festival and winners notified by email.
Donate any amount to be entered in the prize draw.

  1. Charlie Roscoe                         - whole discography - 15 albums  - WINNER!!!

  2. Ayla Schafer                             - A signed copy of the upcoming album ‘Songs for a New Earth’. This will be released in July - WINNER!!!

  3. Adrian Freedman                    - some C.D.’s   - WINNER!!!                    

  4. Shivani                                      - 1 on 1 Zoom Yoga Class (50 minutes)- WINNER!!!

  5. Sunny Davidson                      - guitar manual and a song MP3- WINNER!!!

  6. Sivani Mata                              - C.D.’s/downloads        - WINNER!!!

  7. Ravi Freeman                           - 2 albums/download - ‘Songs for the Golden Age’  - WINNER!!!     

  8. Charlotte Mabon                      - 2 digital  downloads or a pdf download of an arty book of some of her song lyrics/poetry

  9. Martyn Phillips                         - downloads of his band Mpath’s thee albums     - WINNER!!!  

  10. Robert Coulson                          - C.D.   ‘Holding Space’ by ‘Second Nature’- WINNER!!!

  11. Nalini Blossom                         - Nalini and Alunawachuma - Return To The Temple EP 

  12. Vandita                                      - Chanting/harmonium lesson - WINNER!!!

  13. Sudha                                         - mp3 of a 33 minute long meditation track ‘Chakra Dhyana’   

  14. Sophie Nevill                             - a free space to one of Sophie’s online meditation and sound healing one is 31st may and and also a free space to one of her online day retreats - usually worth £125. Valid up to 3 months                                                             

  15. Lydia                                          - Album when made - WINNER!!!

  16. Shrinari                                      - 2 CD’s of “Awake to Wonder”  - electro acoustic album of Lucidia Omamori’s songs

  17. Shrinari & Rafael                     - 1 on 1 guitar lesson  (beginner/advanced) and 2 hertz CD’s of Rafael’s songs “Music Changes Worlds”

  18. Ben Ben J                                 - 1 X free ticket to

  19. Ana Pomar                               - Bracelet from the Wixarika tribe - the peyote people of Mexico

  20. Samantha Claire                     - coaching call, CD of her music or a copy of her book. 

  21. Lins Luna                                 - 1 X hour “Introduction to Chanting” lesson with harmonium or another instrument

  22. Michael Stanton                     - Guitar lesson

  23. Sergio                                       - 1 on 1 meditation via zoom 

  24. Scott & Maria (Maria Payne) - 2 CD’s of their first album and 2nd 5 track EP plus digital copies of all of their digital music 

  25. Arnaldo & Andressa                - 1 Album  by Arnaldo & Andressa (Compilation of 2013 - 2017)

  26. Kirsty Ka                                   - 1 on 1 online music medicine, voice opening x 2

  27. Ana Tipi                                     - CD

  28. Alexa Sunshine Rose              - Albums

  29. Teresa Gabriel                          - Voice lesson, guitar lesson, sound healing journey, albums, digital music

  30. River Roots                               - ‘River Roots’ download

  31. Somesh De Swardt                 - One on One Beginners Guitar Lesson via Zoom

  32. Moshe                                       - 1 x ‘Songs of Hope and Love Album’ ( when released:)

  33. Nichola Moore                         - 1 on 1 Zoom Clarity Breathwork session - WINNER!!!

  34. Anthar Kharana                      - 2 CD’s 

  35. Pedro Collares                         - Download codes of 5 of my albums

  36. Kailash Kokopelli                     -2 albums: GOLDEN DRAGONRIDER & SHAMANTRA 

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